Prof. James F. O’Brien

Frequently Asked Questions


Along with Frequently Given Answers

Questions Concerning Consulting, Industry Collaboration, or Work as an Expert Witness

  1. 1.My company has a great product.  Would you be willing to use it in your classes?

  2. Probably not.  I like keeping things simple and it’s my experience that using unnecessary materials in my classes tends to be counter productive.  However, if you think that your company’s product is exceptionally useful and you’re willing to provide it to my students free of charge, then go ahead and contact me.

  3. 2.Can we hire you as an expert witness for our legal case?

  4. Possibly.  I have done work as an expert witness both for criminal cases for the US DoJ and for civil cases involving patent infringement, code analysis, and image/video forensics.  If you’re interested in retaining my services, please contact me directly. 

  5. 3.Can we hire you as an advising consultant for our project?

  6. Possibly.  I have previously worked with medical device companies, game companies, film studios, and other companies helping them with problems related to rendering and simulation.  If you’re interested, then please contact me directly.

  7. 4.Can we hire you as a permanent employee?

  8. Probably not.  I’m quite happy with my position at UC Berkeley.  However, I’m not closed minded so feel free to make me an offer.  Also, I do consulting work on the side and perhaps that would be of use to you instead. 

  9. 5.Would you be on our advisory board?

  10. Possibly.    

  11. 6.Do you work for free?  If not how much do you charge?

  12. I find that I have more things I’d like to do than I have time to do them.  Limited free time means that I need to be somewhat selective in how I spend it, so unfortunately I probably can’t give you free advice.  Besides, free advice is generally worth less than what you pay for it.

  13. As for the rates I charge, please contact me directly and we can discuss what’s appropriate.

Please note that this page does not apply to UC Berkeley students.  I am very willing to talk free-of-charge to UC Berkeley students about pretty much anything regardless of whether it’s directly related to a class or not.